Why you should consider working with a mentor

A mentor can be a valuable asset, especially for young, aspiring entrepreneurs and those new to the business world. There are several benefits to working with a mentor.

  1. Mentorship offers you a new perspective from a seasoned professional.
    Learning from someone more experienced is an invaluable business opportunity, whether you’ve just started your first job or are halfway through your career. As we slip into the day-to-day routine of working life, it’s easy to get lost in the moment. A mentor can reset our perspective so we can see our careers and growth from a new vantage point.

Ryan Holiday, an author and career expert, told us that finding a mentor starts with working hard and developing a personal reputation of success. By focusing on your role and career, you can set yourself up to connect with more seasoned business professionals, who will see your talent and want to help you grow.

“Powerful people are constantly on the lookout for talented young people; they cannot find enough of them,” Holiday said. “To develop a reputation as someone who is teachable, curious, motivated, talented and, above all, well balanced and reliable is the single best way to attract a mentor. As Sheryl Sandberg said, ‘It’s not find a mentor, and you will do well; it’s do well, and a mentor will find you.’”

  1. Mentorship is an informal way to get valuable guidance.
    Understanding the nature of a mentor-mentee relationship is crucial. Salemi notes that mentors and mentees should realize the connection doesn’t always have to be an intense, formal arrangement. It’s better to focus on maintaining the professional relationship and learning what you can.

“It’s an ongoing dialogue conversation, and it’s a relationship that’s not going to completely overhaul your life,” Salemi said.

Finding a mentor means learning to follow up appropriately, add value to your mentor’s life and career, and be proactive in your career growth. These lessons can apply to any worker at any stage of their career, but they’re especially critical for young professionals who are new to an industry or who lack the experience needed to progress.

A mentor is someone to look up to – someone who was once in your shoes and created a path to success.

“The modern mentor can elevate both your mind and your career in a way that cannot be taught in school, a boardroom or on a business trip,” said Demetri Argyropoulos, CEO of Avant Global. “For me, mentorship has been an invaluable part of my career growth.”


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