What does a mentor do?

Whether you are starting a business, are beginning your career or have some business experience under your belt, you can benefit from a mentor.

“A mentor can serve as a sounding board at critical points throughout your career,” said Diane Domeyer Kock, senior vice president and managing director of managed creative solutions at Robert Half. “They can provide guidance on career management you may not be able to get from other sources and an insider’s perspective on the business, as well as make introductions to key industry contacts.”

Doña Storey, an OPEN Mentorship Institute mentor and American Express OPEN advisor on procurement, noted that mentors can help their mentees identify and avoid business pitfalls and work through the challenges ahead of them.

Vicki Salemi, a career expert for popular job search platform Monster, pointed out that when we’re immersed in our own careers, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. Mentors are essential, especially early in your career. Mentors should be people other than your boss, and they should provide insight on getting ahead and support your overall goals.


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