Tarubini APP

A digital toolkit for startups

Tarubini App is not just a platfrom, it is a toolkit that women and junior business developers call home. The toolkit can be accessed through an app or Tarubini.com. It is as simple as creating an account and accessing all the services.

Easy to Use

For businesses and individuals

Community Support

Realtime support by an expert community.

Do it your time

Learn, build and ask at your pleasure.

Enabling startup building and Employment

When we make learning and sharing of content fun. We build a strong ecosystem to share, support, and do what we love. The best way to build awareness is by bringing value and sharing what we know.

Regardless of the amount of work you do, doing it together and with support is a key driver of value. The story of each founder inspires more when it is told to an inspiring founder.

Minting & redeeming

Earn points that you can mint or redeem while you do what you love. To us, any milestone achieved is an earning. Hit that course milestone, or start that business and close a client. We fuel your journey.

Share and exchange

Learn from the best expert who has done it. Exchange what you know and get what you don't know. Challenge yourself to be better.

Investing, borrowing & lending

After building you need capital to scale whether in skills or money. We have partnered with the best organization to help you go to the next step.